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How to Use a dial indicator

A dial indicator doesn't assess the direct size of a work piece but is used for comparative measurements.

Dial indicator reversal span error (hysteresis error)

Different spindle moving direction in dial indicator while zero setting and measuring causes reversal span error ( hysteresis error)

Howto use a caliper

A vernier caliper is easy to use – some important hints for your practice. Read about the differnt functions

Howto use dial bore gauge

Internal bore gauges are devices for Difference measurement, primarily for the internal dimension of bore diameters. Internal bore gauges can be setup in a way that a wide measuring range can be covered by replacing the fixed measuring anvil.

Howto read a vernier caliper

A vernier caliper is easy to use – but to read the vernier may need some advice.

Parts and functions of a vernier caliper

How to Use a Dial Indicator to Determine the Lateral Deviation of Disc Brakes Rotors

The incorrect setup of disc brakes, caused by excessive wear and tear, mechanical overloads and contamination with dirt and rust, can cause the appearance of a warping of the rotor of the disc brakes, also known as an excessive lateral deviation. When this happens the driver will often feel an unusual vibration in the vehicle when the brake pedal is operated, especially at smaller speeds. Also, drivers can experience other problems such imprecise movement of the wheels and increased braking distance.

Parts and functions of a Micrometer

Parts, construction and working Principle of the micrometer screw Gauge explained

Parallax Error reading a Micrometer Screw Gauge and howto avoid it

Using a Center Square

How to Use a Center Square in Finding Center and Diameter of a Circular Object